AVA Certificate of Commendation for achieving Grade ‘A’ status for excellence in food hygiene, sanitation and processing (Since 2010)

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Today, we have become a successful household name in the processed food industry in Singapore and in Asia.​ Our rich diversity of innovative products has made national spotlight, ranging from Chinese waxed sausages and canned meat, to Taiwanese-style sausages, to European-style chilled sausages, hams and cold cuts.​ One of our early achievements is XO Special Lean Sausages. A hit in Singapore and abroad when it first came out, this innovative and tasty product incorporating a special marinade recipe, quickly attracted a strong following and rave reviews in
the market.


Market Position: A leading one-stop supplier of processed meat in Singapore

Product Innovation: First in Singapore to produce XO sausages

Product Category: First in Singapore to offer processed meats in 4 categories – Chilled, Frozen, Dried, Shelf-stable

Client Groups: Retailers, Wholesalers, Foodservice Companies

Signature Brands: Golden Bridge, Kelly’s, GB GoldenLion

Process Innovation: First to adopt Microsoft AX2012 ERP system in the processed meat industry Distribution

One of the few to obtain the EU licence to export halal processed meat to EU countries

The first processed meat company in the industry in Singapore to adopt the ERP system (by Microsoft Dynamics AX)


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