The Driving Force Behind
The Driving Force Behind
The Driving Force Behind
The Driving Force Behind
Golden Bridge Foods Manufacturing

A Rich Heritage

Set up in 1993, Golden Bridge
Foods Manufacturing Pte Ltd has
been thriving in the
processed food industry
for more than 20 years.

Today, we have become a successful household
name in the processed food industry in Singapore
and in Asia.

Our rich diversity of innovative products has made
national spotlight, ranging from Chinese waxed
sausages and canned meat, to Taiwanese-style
sausages, to European-style chilled sausages, hams
and cold cuts.

One of our early achievements is XO Special Lean
Sausages. A hit in Singapore and abroad when it first
came out, this innovative and tasty product
incorporating a special marinade recipe, quickly
attracted a strong following and rave reviews in
the market.



The team behind our growth
and innovation success.

Helmed by a team of visionaries, who has been in
the industry for more than 20 years. Golden Bridge
Foods Manufacturing Pte Ltd has evolved from a
small company to a regional powerhouse with total
staff strength of more than 100 people.

From challenging ourselves to improve our recipes,
to looking into technology innovations to enhance
efficiency and quality, we pride ourselves on our
drive to constantly reinvent ourselves, and our
tenacity to help our clients grow their business.
We will never say “no” to helping our clients find a
solution to their needs, no matter how challenging
they are.

At Golden Bridge Foods, what drives us forward
is our ethos, which is to continually deliver
excellence by staying customer-focused and
scaling new standards.



A leading supplier of
halal processed meat.

A leading supplier of high quality halal processed
meat in Singapore, ELLAZiQ Pte Ltd carries a wide
selection of products under the labels of El-Dina and
Kizmiq. The product range includes halal certified
European-style cold cuts and sausages and canned
meats products. Come in an exciting assortment of
flavours, our products are well sought-after for their
exquisite taste and variety.

Our strict adherence to halal standards is backed by
our halal certification from MUIS Singapore, bringing
added assurance to our Muslim consumers. Making
great headway in other areas, we have also been
certified under the Whole Plant Scheme category by
MUIS for our facility. We feel privileged to be one of
the few companies in Singapore to obtain this gold
standard certification, as a validation of our
commitment to provide quality food products for the
Muslim community.

Another breakthrough took place in June 2013,
where we were granted the license to export our
halal processed meat products to countries under
the European Union. We are one of the few
companies in Singapore to be accorded this license.
Opening our distribution channels to all parts of EU
countries, this breakthrough has helped us push our
global presence even further.


Knowing how important safety and quality are to our clients especially in the food business, we do everything we can
to give them an added assurance of our operations. Besides conforming to ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP as well as
the SGS and SAC Accreditation Mark, our facilities are also AVA Grade-A certified. Wherever our clients are from,
they can order from us with peace of mind, knowing that our production meets Export Standard and complies with
international market regulations.