Kelly's Manufacturing
Building Capacities & Standards Through ERP

Building Capacities & Standards Through ERP

Our fully integrated supply chain enables us to
support fully the business needs of our clients.

Spanning over 9,000 square metres, our production
plants are powered by a Microsoft Integrated
Enterprise Resource Planning System, which wires
every step of the manufacturing process together –
from R&D, Order Taking, Product Development,
Sourcing, Food Processing, Packaging, to Delivery
To Customer’s Site.

The first processed meat company in the industry in
Singapore to adopt the ERP system (by Microsoft
Dynamics AX),we have the edge of responding
speedily to sudden market changes, as the visibility
of the system enables us to trace and monitor every
product with speed, accuracy and ease.

Integrating a suite of IT applications, this smart
system even lets us manage as many as 4 product
categories – chilled, frozen, dried and shelf-stable
processed meats – in one plant. As the only company
in Singapore to offer as many as 4 product
categories, we are able to match the diverse needs
of clients with different storage facilities.

Through our seamless supply chain, we are confident
of fulfilling our orders on time and with accuracy –
paving a highway to success, not just for ourselves,
but also our clients.

Investing in equipment and R&D innovations.

Investing in equipment and R&D innovations.

Building the momentum of our success is our spirit
of innovation which has never left us since 1993.
Pushing boundaries in technology, we continue to
open new possibilities by constantly refining our
manufacturing processes so as to offer our clients
better tasting, more aromatic products.

Setting our sights on wooing and wowing consumers
with better products, we will continue to challenge
our manufacturing innovations by pushing our
technology boundaries.

Today, we have emerged as a leading supplier of a
diverse range of innovative products, many have
become great hits like our XO Special Lean Sausages.
Responding to the current trend of smaller families
and eating on the go, we also developed portion size
packaging offer that distinguishes our Kelly’s
luncheon ham series from other brands in the market
whilst serving a real market need.

On being a leading international food company.

On being a leading international food company.

What sets us apart from others is how we keep
challenging our food manufacturing innovations by
embracing new manufacturing trends, constantly
researching into consumer tastes round the world,
and innovating our products to make them more
exciting and relevant to today’s market needs.

As Singapore’s leading one-stop manufacturer and
supplier of processed meat to retailers, wholesale
food distributors and foodservice companies, we
pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil their varied
needs with our extensive selection of offerings.

Outside of Singapore, our products can be found in
major supermarket chains as well as hotels,
restaurants and cafes across 9 countries all over
the globe.

Setting our sights on our vision to be a leading
international food company, we will continue to
innovate our business to offer our clients superior
food solutions, now and in the future.