Kampong Chicken with Sausage
Dark Chocolate Truffle with XO Lean Sausages
Claypot Sausage Rice with GB Sausages
Golden Bridge New Waxed Meat
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Kelly's Food Products
Kelly's Gammon Ham Bone In
Golden Lion Luncheon Meat


A household innovation success

Set up in 1993, Golden Bridge Foods Manufacturing Pte Ltd has been thriving in the processed food industry for more than 20 years. Today, we have become a successful household name in the processed food industry in Singapore and in Asia.

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Pushing boundaries

Building the momentum of our success is our spirit of innovation which has never left us since 1993. Pushing boundaries in technology, we continue to open new possibilities by constantly refining our manufacturing processes so as to offer our clients better tasting, more aromatic products.

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Setting us apart from others,
to become a leading International
food company.


We offer over 100 SKUs, under our signature globally supplied brands such as Golden Bridge, Kelly’s, El-Dina and Kizmiq. Golden Bridge and Kelly’s are key brands under Golden Bridge Foods Manufacturing Pte Ltd, while El-Dina and Kizmiq are halal brands produced by our halal food specialist subsidiary, ELLAZiQ Pte Ltd, which was founded in 2009.

Golden Bridge Products

Golden Bridge

Our heritage brand that our late founder Mr. Ong Tuan Seng created, when he started the company.

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Kelly's Products


Kelly’s brand was born, as we embark on extensive range of Western style products, as we expand our product offering.

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GB Golden Lion Luncheon Meat

GB GoldenLion

A value for money brand that captures the top selling SKUs in our product range.

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