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We offer over 100 SKUs, under our signature globally supplied brands such as Golden Bridge, Kelly’s, El-Dina and Kizmiq. Golden Bridge and Kelly’s are key brands under Golden Bridge Foods Manufacturing Pte Ltd, while El-Dina and Kizmiq are halal brands produced by our halal food specialist subsidiary, ELLAZiQ Pte Ltd, which was founded in 2009.

What's New

Keeping with our core philosophy to continually deliver excellence by staying customer-focused and scaling new standards, we strive to create new products and services on a continuous basis.

Golden bridge waxed sausages now in Hong Kong

Golden Bridge waxed sausages now in Hong Kong

Another range of our Chinese waxed sausages will be launched in Hong Kong under the brand GB Golden Lion, sold exclusively by “759 Store”. Customers in Hong Kong will soon be able to enjoy a range of our favorite product series’ like the Western Hams, Bacon & Sausages.

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Meet us around the world

Meet us around the world

Golden Bridge team travels to many parts of the world every year taking part in main food fairs.

  • Meet us in Australia Fine Food Australia
    15 – 18 Sept 14
  • ASEAN Food Fair – Seoul, Korea
    12 – 15 Nov 14
  • Meet us in Asia Pacific Food Expo – Singapore 20 – 24 Nov 14

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